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Datacenter proxies hold a unique position among the various proxy types available today. Datacenter proxies offer superior reliability and throughput than residential proxies, with the same identity protection, but have one primary difference: they are easier to spot.

You might be thinking about purchasing a datacenter proxy for business or personal use but want to make the right decision. Our handy guide below will help you figure out what to look for in a datacenter proxy.

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IPv4 Datacenter proxies Prices

5 Datacenter Proxies
7.5USD/month (1.5USD/proxy)
50 Datacenter Proxies
70USD/month (1.4USD/proxy)
100 Datacenter Proxies
130USD/month (1.3USD/proxy)

IPv6 Datacenter proxies Prices

10 Datacenter Proxies
4USD/month (0.4USD/proxy)
20 Datacenter Proxies
6USD/month (0.3USD/proxy)
50 Datacenter Proxies
10USD/month (0.2USD/proxy)
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What Is a Datacenter Proxy?

It can be confusing to keep track of the various proxies on the internet today. While they all perform the same essential function of acting as a relay, each specializes in different areas.

Datacenter proxies can perform many of the same tasks as residential proxies, such as streaming, scraping, and various bot-driven automated tasks. Yet, although there are many similarities between residential and datacenter proxies, there are a few key things to note.

Residential proxies obtain their IP addresses from genuine ISP customers, meaning that when a server looks at the residential proxy’s IP, it sees an actual consumer address. The residential IPs make these proxies nearly impossible to detect, making these proxies ideal for shopping and scraping tasks.

Conversely, datacenter proxies do not have residential IP addresses. So while datacenter proxies act as an intermediate relay the same as residential proxies, they are easier to detect as proxies. Any server can quickly look at a datacenter IP address and see that it is not from a residential IP pool. Thus, residential proxies are generally preferred for the highest level of anonymity and undetectable proxy use.

Where Datacenter Proxies Excel

Many tasks benefit from proxies without necessarily needing subterfuge. Residential proxies may have the upper hand in cloaking features, but datacenter proxies dominate in other areas such as performance and reliability.

Datacenter proxies typically have much higher throughput because they come from secondary providers and not residential ISP customers. So, datacenter proxies are exceptional for things such as multi-channel downloading of large files, data-caching, and cloud services.

Another advantage of datacenter proxies is that they are usually less expensive than their residential counterparts. The increased affordability makes datacenter proxies an attractive option for those who need premium power while pinching pennies.

Even though datacenter proxies do not appear as ISP customers, they still guard your IP address and personal information from prying eyes. Any website or service you connect to through a datacenter proxy will still only see the proxy and not your device. If you only need IP anonymity, fast speed, and dependability and don’t care about residential appearance, datacenter proxies are a cost-effective choice.

Datacenter Proxy Downsides

As wonderful as datacenter proxies are, there are a few negatives to consider depending on your particular usage and goals. The first downside is the detectable nature of datacenter proxies. If you need your proxy to be completely undetectable, elite residential private proxies will be more for you.

One other disadvantage of datacenter proxies isn’t regarding the proxies themselves, but the digital reputation from low-quality sellers. Every IP address has a digital reputation or “trust score,” which identifies how secure or trustworthy that address is.

Because Datacenter proxies are generally more affordable than their residential cousins, they sometimes attract less scrupulous users. The reputation problem is exacerbated by sellers who don’t adequately vet their clients. As the digital reputation drops, it will be blocked by more websites and services until it’s ultimately blacklisted entirely.

Datacenter vs. Residential Proxies: Which Should You Choose?

As someone in the market for a high-quality proxy, you might still be unsure about which to choose, so check out the points below:

Datacenter Proxies"

  • More affordable
  • More reliable
  • Higher throughput
  • Easily detectable
  • Potential reputation problems

Residential Proxies"

  • Nearly undetectable
  • Better reputation
  • Variable speed
  • Potentially less reliable
  • More expensive

As the points above highlight, which proxy type you choose will ultimately come down to what your goals are. Regardless, it would be best to find a proxy provider you can trust.

At IPRoyal, we have an extensive client vetting process to ensure that our proxies maintain the highest reputation possible. And our innovative proxy dashboard gives you easy access to the essential features of your proxy, whether on PC or mobile platforms.

We are confident that if once you experience the IPRoyal difference, you will stick with us for all of your proxy needs privately and professionally.


While free proxies may seem very sensible and tempting at first, you should usually avoid using them. A common proverb is that “when a product is free, you are the payment.” The idea is that free proxies make their money by selling data, and they get that data from ads and their users. To maintain the highest standard of privacy and security, use only proxy providers that you trust.

Setting up a proxy is a straightforward process requiring minimal configuration on your intended device. We have easy-to-follow how-to guides on our blog and a dedicated team standing by should you need further assistance.

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