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IPv4 & IPv6 subnets leasing service

We offer attractive pricing and excellent service and therefore have a lot of clients worldwide who choose to work with us.

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Why Us? Simple!

IPv4 and IPv6 address space available for rent and lease on any network or hosted on our network for your convenience. Our IP addresses are clean and the client receives it’s numbers before making the initial payment.

The bulk IPv4 and IPv6 address leasing services that we provide can be used for VPN, Wireless, Data Centers, Hosting, Marketing Agencies, ISP, Colocation Providers etc

IPv4 and IPv6 address space leasing is provided in accordance with the RIPE NCC policies from our own PA ranges to our clients.


IPv4 /22

From 316 EUR/month
1 month contract
3 month contract
1 year contract

IPv6 /29

From 120 EUR/month
3 month contract
6 month contract
1 year contract

Conforming to our company policy, we do NOT provide IP addresses for spam, mailing, phishing. IP addresses are provided to providers. We can make a Sub-Allocation for you to assign IPs to your customers.


IPv4 & IPv6: Looking for IPv4 or IPv6 addresses for rent? Fill out the order form and select which ones you require. Both are available immediately.

Available Immediately: Send a request with details about your order and start using your IP addresses in less than 24 hours.

Easily reverse DNS Control Manage your IP addresses! Full rDNS control and setting up PTR records yourself takes up less of your time.

No Hidden Fees. Blacklist Free.

How does it work?


Fill out the order form and specify your information
and request.


Once the order is received, we will create LOA for you and lease you the IP addresses, giving you few days to test it out.


After the testing period is done, upfront payment for 1 month will be


After all these steps are carried out, your personal manager will help you with
any questions or problems.

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