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IPRoyal Proxy Tester

Depending on your needs and intended use, a reliable proxy checker can be an invaluable tool. Checking proxy availability saves significant amounts of time. More importantly, deploying unchecked proxies can cause a disaster, so it’s crucial to know if your proxies work or not before you utilize them for your critical tasks.

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Why Use the IPRoyal Proxy Check Tool?

You can always set up a proxy in your browser or operating system and use an online IP checker to ensure it works properly. However, if you’re dealing with a proxy list, this can quickly get incredibly time-consuming. While an online IP address check can show you specific details like location and ISP, it can’t tell you if you’re using a proxy or not.

A basic online IP checking tool also won’t be able to tell you if your proxies will work with a website or service you plan to use them for. IPRoyal’s solution allows you to set the destination URL, so you know the proxies you’re testing are compatible with a specific website.

IPRoyal’s proxy tester tool can handle proxy lists, significantly speeding up the whole process. You can get a proxy list from IPRoyal or anywhere else, paste it in the tool, and you’ll get all the information you need. Just make sure each proxy is in a separate line.

Proxy Tester iliustration
Proxy Tester iliustration

How Do I Test My Proxy?

You can use multiple formats (like “host:port:username:password” and other variations), so you don’t have to worry about formatting. If you get your proxies from IPRoyal, all you need to do is generate a list in our dashboard and copy it over to the proxy testing tool.

You’ll get the results neatly arranged, with the proxy type (HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS5) along with speed and online status. Once you’re done, you can export your working proxies without having to manually remove the ones that don’t work. The list will only contain working proxies, so it’s ready to use straight away.


The ability to test an unlimited number of proxies at once

You can test sticky and rotating proxies

Direct and accurate results for any website in the world

Support for IP authenticated proxies and user:password proxies

Support for IP and Domain proxies

Exporting working proxies to a txt file

Do We Detect All Proxies?

Our proxy checking tool will test any proxy, whether you purchased it from IPRoyal or any other provider. You can even test free proxies you find online. If you plan to use free proxies, remember they can shut down at any time, so you’ll have to keep a proxy checker handy. A free proxy might work fine for occasional basic web browsing, but if you plan on doing something more serious like web scraping or buying sneakers, it won’t get you far.

These issues will only become more apparent once you start testing proxies. With that in mind, there’s no reason to use a free proxy for sensitive tasks. You’ll save some money, but compromising your personal information could cost a lot more down the road. With dedicated proxies, high bandwidth, and plans for different usage cases, IPRoyal offers excellent proxy servers for your peace of mind.

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IPRoyal’s proxy checker will display the speed and status for each proxy you throw at it. This information will help you quickly pick out ones with the best response times for a particular URL.

Unlike most free proxy checkers out there, IPRoyal’s tool will show you the type of proxy along with the response speed for an URL of your choice. Ensuring your proxies work with the website you plan to use them on is the only 100% safe way to avoid any unpleasant surprises once you start using them.

Testing proxies manually is acceptable if you’re checking a single IP. If you’re dealing with a proxy list, the fastest and safest way to check them is with the IPRoyal proxy tester.

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