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One of the Best Static Residential proxies

Among the numerous proxies available, static residential proxies remain relatively unknown to new users. While there are commonalities inherent to every proxy, each variant also has differences and specialties. 

Static residential proxies offer particular advantages in the areas of online banking, shopping, and streaming media. These routine tasks can benefit from extra security since they involve sensitive account information.

Find out why static residential proxies are the premium choice for work and play.

Static Residential proxies


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High-Speed Superior Streaming

High-Speed Superior Streaming

Online streaming is the fastest-growing form of entertainment worldwide, with numbers increasing exponentially every month. With the world marching toward more digital experiences, there’s no doubt that this trend will increase.

If you’ve been using traditional proxies to stream services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video, you may have encountered difficulties recently. Since then, the big players began blocking proxy use several years ago and have been increasing their database of disallowed proxies.

High-bandwidth residential proxies are the perfect solution to the problem of IP bans. Standard proxies do not use residential IP pools, and it’s relatively easy to obtain and block proxy access.

Residential proxies don’t use traditional IPs from proxy farms but rather source their addresses from residential user space. There are several advantages to residential sourced IPs, including avoiding the proxy bans from streaming providers. Your device behind a residential proxy looks like any other home user from the streaming service’s perspective.

Furthermore, these proxies are also static, meaning that the IPs do not automatically change after each session. Static addresses are desirable because services such as online banks will flag your account for suspicious activity if the IP address varies often.

Great for Gathering Information

Great for Gathering Information

Static residential proxies also excel in gathering data, called data scraping. Usually, this would involve long hours scouring various community forums or message boards trying to document trends and record demographic information.

Using a static residential proxy enables seamless integration with the plethora of scraping bots available on the web today. Coupling these bots with a residential proxy cuts your data collection time in half, and better yet, frees up your schedule for other things.

Avoid the risks of running a bot without a proxy and suffering slow speeds, blocks, or account lockouts. Our static residential proxies save you time while securing your private info, enhancing your efficiency without sacrificing security.

Up to 99.9% Uptime for Mission-Critical Applications

Up to 99.9% Uptime for Mission-Critical Applications

Even the fastest and most secure proxy would be useless if it were unreliable. At IPRoyal, we understand the importance reliability plays for your business. Whether you conduct critical eCommerce operations or stream the latest foreign film, you want a reliable proxy that won’t buckle under heavy use.

In a world that relies on digital data, even the most delicate tasks become critical parts of our daily lives, and we take our role in your web activities seriously. We’ve developed one of the largest IP infrastructures, with a vast network of residential proxy pools, able to service all of your data needs.

While many proxy providers make promises about their network prowess, we support our claims with excellent customer reviews, and our TrustPilot rating speaks for itself. When security, privacy, and dependability matter most, pick the provider with the reputation for consistent quality— choose IPRoyal.

Priced To Please

Priced To Please

You might expect high-class proxies to carry a high-class price tag. But we don’t need to wallop your wallet because we know you’ll keep coming back for our exceptional service.

We’ve set up a simple subscription model allowing you to pay as you go with no annoying lock-in or long-term contract to hold you hostage. At the amazingly affordable monthly rate of $2.5 per proxy, you won’t need to pay premium prices for premium service.

Unlock Your Window to the Web

Unlock Your Window to the Web

To truly appreciate the treasure trove of content available on the internet today, you need a proxy able to handle the demands of today’s modern user. A proxy needs to be fast, have robust security, and be completely undetectable when streaming.

Contact us today and see how a static residential proxy is your key to a free and open internet experience. Whether you need a proxy for home or business, we’ve got the tech, tools, and training to safely connect you to the world.


A static residential proxy is an ISP proxy. It’s a specific type that uses residential IP addresses coming from an actual ISP rather than proxy server farms. These are usually under contract from an ISP and appear as regular traffic to any server. Since these addresses are “static,” the IP address will not automatically change each session.
Static residential proxies can be used for any purpose since they offer the same or better protection than regular proxies. However, static residential proxies are ideal for streaming, banking, and data scraping due to their persistent residential addresses.
If you stream online content, perform data collection, or engage in online shopping or banking, a static residential proxy offers the specialized security you require. The particular attributes of a residential proxy with a static IP protect your account from flagging due to rapidly changing IP addresses from foreign datacenters.
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