The New ICD-10 Fast Track App

A new tool for orthopedics.

This app is the first of its kind. It was passionately created with the documentation and revenue cycle in mind. Practice-wide use of this will all but eliminate the financial downfall many will see during the ICD-10 conversion. The fracture codes alone are enough to bewilder the best in the business. We have tapped into industry experts with a unique "outside of the box" concept that allows for precision ICD-10 code selection. The Ortho ICD-10 app contains the top 90% of all of the most common orthopedic diagnoses codes; including everything from toe to spine. We unequivocally disagree with the "unspecified" methodology used by most software systems and so will you once your payers quit paying for them! We have put our passion for billing, coding and documentation enhancement into action and the result is an incredible tool: The only Orthopedic specific solution in the market.

Getting You Paid

Our concepts drill you down to the specific codes for your most common conditions without the hassle of word searches or inadequate crosswalks.

Creating Solid Documentation

Follow the concepts contained within the app to create the complete diagnostic documentation needed to support your services. Never leave your staff or your coding team confused or under informed.

Lean Processes and Maximum Efficiency

Find your ICD-10 with a maximum of six touches. Save your favorites and get there in two.

Your Documentation Training Tool.

Through our various studies and audits of the orthopedics' chart note we have found that only about 65% of your documentation will meet the criteria needed to survive in the ICD-10 world and when it comes to fracture codes that percentage is cut in half. If you follow the drill down information when creating your documentation it will immediately create the habits you will need to meet the standards, which include the disease, severity, laterality, and encounter type.

Download Now

Accuracy and Efficiency meet Conceptual Excellence.

  • Drill Down by body part, disease and laterality.
  • From toe to spine and arthritis to fracture we have you covered.
  • "Up One" technologies, eliminate starting over on code selection.
  • Intuitive design eliminates the "unspecified" codes from your practice, as well as the "unspecified" period of time that insurance carriers will pay for such codes.

Go Pro: Orthopedic ICD-10 for $20.00

  • Save your favorites by Body part.
  • Create a recently used list.
  • Manage your own favorites list.
  • Eliminates the need to search for a code.

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